Sunday, June 24, 2012

Famous Photographers

As a human being who loved photography, we want to know the history of the people who become famous of this passion, called “photography”. The people that can be our inspiration, the contribution they give in photography and their images that give us the light from the darkness. Without these people and their contribution, I think photography now is not one of the passions we want to love. I want to share you at least five persons  who became famous because of their talent, skills and passion in photography and give you the inspiration to become one of them.

“Loyalist Militiaman at the Moment of Death, Cerro Muriano,”
         One of the famous in photography is Robert Capa, the wartime photojournalist that became famed for his black and white images of war. One of his most famous images was the Falling Soldier, taken as a man fell in death after being shot in Spain on September 5, 1936.

Friday, June 22, 2012

Where the Photography Came From?


       My blog entitled “Where the Photography Came From” is about a little background where photography came from and who are the inventor behind it. When we like a passion like photography, we need to know the history of it, the inventor who invent it and other information that we did not know yet. As a photography lover, I want to share the information I get from the internet, however I already summary it to make it easy to your part.        

History about Photography

      Each of us wants to know where the photography came from. And according to my research, photography came from the Greek word phos, photos - light and graphos - writing. The word photography means writing with light but most photographers claim they are painting with light. This 'writing with light' or as us photographers say ' painting with light' was first reputed to have been termed by Sir John Herschel to William Henry Fox Talbot in letter in 1839.
John Herschel
Sir John Herschel was an English astronomer who also devised the words negative and positive and I believe the word snapshot. A lot of his work involved chemistry which was the forerunner of the black and white processes.

William Henry Fox Talbot
William Henry Fox Talbot was the inventor of the negative positive process of photography. He was an English gentleman, chemist, mathematician, linguist and archeologist.

Robert Cornelius
Robert Cornelius (1809–1893) was an American pioneer of photography.
"The first light picture ever taken."

The First Photograph

Joseph Nicephore Niepce
On a summer day in 1827, Joseph Nicephore Niepce made the first photographic image with a camera obscura. Prior to Niepce people just used the camera obscura for viewing or drawing purposes not for making photographs. Joseph Nicephore Niepce’s heliographs or sun prints as they were called were the prototype for the modern photograph, by letting light draw the picture.
Niepce placed an engraving onto a metal plate coated in bitumen, and then exposed it to light. The shadowy areas of the engraving blocked light, but the whiter areas permitted light to react with the chemicals on the plate. When Niepce placed the metal plate in a solvent, gradually an image, until then invisible, appeared. However, Niepce's photograph required eight hours of light exposure to create and after appearing would soon fade away.

The First Camera ever made

Louise Daguerre

Louis Daguerre, a French man was the inventor of the first practical process of photography. In 1829, he formed a partnership with Joseph Nicephore Niepce to improve the process Niepce had developed.

 In 1839 after several years of experimentation and Niepce's death, Daguerre developed a more convenient and effective method of photography, naming it after himself – the daguerreotype, the first camera ever made. Since then, the birth of modern photography happened.  

Boulevard du Temple by Daguerre

"Boulevard du Temple", taken by Louise Daguerre in late 1838 or early 1839, was the first-ever photograph of people. It is an image of a busy street, but because exposure time was over ten minutes, the city traffic was moving too much to appear. The exceptions are the two people in the bottom left corner, one who stood still getting his boots polished by the other long enough to show up in the picture. 

These are some of the First camera made in the past:

These are some of the LATEST and POPULAR camera:

Sunday, June 10, 2012

Why I am passionate About Photography

Photography means writing with light but most photographers claim they are painting with light. It is the process or art of producing or recording images of objects on sensitized surfaces by the chemical action of light or of other forms of radiant energy. It also a passion on how you can express yourself by taken a photo, make an art of it and explain what is the message behind this photo.

The first moment I encounter the photography was when I became high school photojournalist. At first, photography for me is only a task to do to contribute to my school publication but when the day passed by, I realized that photography is not only a task to be learned but a passion to be loved. It also helps me to express my feelings, to show who really I am, to show my personality and to express how I appreciate the beauty that God gave us. In photography, no one can stop you to express your feelings and make you happy. It’s only the passion that makes you feel that you have a freedom to express your feelings to everyone and tell them how life is meaningful. That is the moment that photography is the passion I’m looking for, the passion that signify my personality and the passion that makes me happy.

black and white photo

Like me, many people love pictures especially when the the pictures have a meaning that indicates to the viewers, have a good portrait or art and can give smile to the viewers when they saw the picture. The reason why other people taken a photo is to produce an image that can be their conceptual to their ideas or thoughts, to share to their love ones and to collect the moments that happen in that day. We know that every second of our lives will never happen again that is why some of us wants to record it and compile it to become a memory that can be share to others. Sooner or later, we realize the importance of photography in our lives.

On the other hand, we have different ideas or thoughts on how to express our feelings that no one can be hurt. Sometimes we choose to be an artist to express our thoughts, ideas, feelings, happiness, etc and we should respect that because we have a freedom to choose what thing or passion can help us and whatever happens the important is our happiness and our belief. 

Now it’s your turn to share your opinions about my blogs.