Sunday, July 8, 2012

5 Beginning Photography Tips

        For the beginner photographer, these are some photography tips to help you to make your best shot and more attractive to your viewers.

   1. Move In Closer

Sailboat and Sunrise      


     In photography, to shot a good view on the subject you want to shot, you need to snap a shot then move in closer for a better shot. It helps to the viewer to appreciate it and understand your photo. The details are more often if your shot is closer and almost fill the frame. Keep in moving closer until you get the perfect shot for your subject.

     2. Be Quick



             Sometimes our subject may move, run, fly or just get tired of waiting for you to take up a picture and sometimes it is difficult to snap a shot if we prioritize the correct position to shot a good photo, you need to shoot once right away. You need to practice to become quicker and quicker to the draw. Do not be afraid in taking many pictures because it can help you to choose or select your best photo.

      3.  Compose your picture with care
broken vasein

            In taken a photo, you need to compose your pictures with care to help the viewer to appreciate and understand your photo. You need to use the rule of thirds, keep the horizontal level to make it recognized by the viewers, and crop the element that is not needed, place your subject where you think it most related or belong and make some magic to show the pattern or lead the eye on your subject.

         4.   Be Selective

      You need to choose on the subject you want to snap the best shot. Remove the unnecessary objects that can be distracting your subject.


         5.  Focus on Your Subject


       If you want to shot your pet, your child, or your husband or wife, the best thing to do this is put your subjects stand out against a blurry background, it helps to your viewer to identify your focus subject.

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