Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Site Seeing......

On my free time, I went to bay walk in Embarcadero to shot some photos that I can put on my blog. While I’ll doing this, I realized how God is powerful because he created an environment that we can get our needs and an environment that we need to keep and take care of to be more productive and became one of the tourist spot in our place.
A place where you can feel good atmosphere to relax our mind, feel the fresh air and a place where we can discover a new thing to our self.
When I go in a quiet place with a good atmosphere, I’m really inspiring to compose a poem or essay about my experience in that place.
I want to share with you some of my photos in the place I’m talking about. This photo was not totally professional shot but when you see this, you will feel the feeling like you already near in heaven.

I hope you will like it…..


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  2. Photographer and blogger si Bes 💓😺