Saturday, July 14, 2012

Poem about My Passion

I wrote a simple poem about my passion “photography”. This poem was created when I went in bay walk in Embarcadero. I’m inspiring to this because the view was wonderful and with a quiet atmosphere.I hope you will like it.


In our life, we couldn’t know what happen next
Maybe tomorrow, our life will change, unexpected
We couldn’t return the time that already passed by
But we can recall the memory by the photos we’ve taken

In our life, we have plenty memories we want to collect,
We want to share, to spread and to compile for our love ones
The memories we want to stay forever to their lives,
Our happiness, our life and everything about us

It gives a smile on each of us
A smile that no one can give us
Only a simple souvenir that had a meaning
To a person who really love and passionate in photography


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